How to become a unicorn: The Sendbird story of reaching $1B

Sendbird CEO John Kim recently sat down with Traction and to discuss the philosophies and approaches that helped Sendbird […]


Is it time to ditch SMS for critical customer messages?

Like most internet users, you have probably received phishing emails and smishing SMS messages from malicious actors pretending to be […]


Is mobile clienteling the future of luxury retail?

The number of online shoppers in the US is expected to hit 291.2 million by 2025. Amazon has already shown […]


The future of customer conversations for travel and hospitality brands

A high-value customer is trying to book a suite at your resort… and you make them click through menus, fill […]


What is a go-to-community strategy and why do you need one?

In a recent blog for Andreesen Horrowitz titled Community ≠ Marketing: Why We Need Go-to-Community, Not Just Go-to-Market, Orbit CEO […]


Are payments and “chat” the same thing?

When you think of what “chat” is, many of the daily chat experiences that immediately come to mind – your […]


A letter to Applozic’s customers

We’ve heard from many of you that Applozic will be sunsetting their chat offering in April 2022. We empathize with […]


How PicPay is turning payments into conversations for 58 million users

PicPay founder Anderson Chamon recently spoke to gaming news website Play Crazy Game about the importance of social engagement to […]

Reimagining the customer experience for a new world

Customer experience trends have evolved from the older generation of ecommerce sites, and not just because of COVID-19. Customer expectations […]

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