Building virtual connections in the COVID era : A business survival guide

What’s in this whitepaper Engaging communities & building deeper connections in a rapidly changing world “How are you doing?” has […]


Case Study: Reddit은 어떻게 실시간 채팅을 통해 인간적인 연결을 구축했는가

온라인 게시물, 댓글, 메시지는 사용자들을 연결하는 수단이지만 실시간 채팅은 이러한 연결을 개인적이고 인간적인 관계로 발전시킵니다. 일대일이든 그룹이든, 사용자가 디지털 형태로 […]


코로나 시대 성공의 관건은 적응 속도와 출시 시기

기업과 개인을 막론하고 모두가 코로나 19의 지속적인 영향으로 타격을 입고 있습니다. 바이러스로 인한 희생자 규모를 넘어 우리 모두가 하룻밤 사이에 […]


The best Zoom alternative is native, in-app calling

Since the start of widespread quarantine measures, video calling has skyrocketed. In a time when in-person interaction carries risk, video […]


The case for microservices is upon us

If you’re in the process of roadmapping your app or platform, it’s time to give your architecture some serious thought. […]


Adaptation speed and time to market determine success in the COVID era

Many of us – businesses and individuals alike – are still reeling from COVID-19’s continuous impact. Beyond the virus’s critical […]


Brand communities and Black Lives Matter: Be like Ben and Jerry’s

How brands can build inclusive communities and fight marginalization America is experiencing a bad case of déjà vu.  In the […]


Part of something: How brands can help create connection in an isolated world

America’s mounting isolation crisis Loneliness is reaching epidemic levels in America, and it’s having a devastating effect on the nation’s […]