Building virtual connections in the COVID era : A business survival guide


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Engaging communities & building deeper connections in a rapidly changing world

“How are you doing?” has taken on a whole new meaning since COVID-19 shattered our sense of normalcy. Every Zoom call starts with a heartfelt check-in, and we’ve gotten used to signing off our emails with “Stay well,” “Stay healthy,” and “Stay safe.”

In this same period, businesses have gone under, industries have evolved, and the way we view our world and each other has shifted. Sometimes it feels like we’ve pushed fast-forward towards an inevitable digital future.

It’s all playing out in a society gone largely virtual: We’re watching reporters broadcast breaking news from their homes, tuning into live-streamed town halls and panels, and sending words of comfort and leadership to employees through Zoom.

We ask ourselves: When are things going to get back to normal? And the hard truth is, they won’t. In the face of so much societal and cultural upheaval, the question becomes: How do we adapt to thrive in the short and longterm?

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we can see a story unfold in the data. This story has real implications for businesses across industries looking to ride the wave of uncertainty without wiping out. And it all revolves around digital interactions.

In this whitepaper, we explore trends and projections from internal Sendbird data* and look at the specific digital technology that organizations across industries should be considering right now. Our hope is to help you prepare to remain relevant in a profoundly changed and continuously in-flux world.

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