Case study: Bridging the communication gap with integrated messaging for KeepTruckin


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KeepTruckin creates modern technology that improves the safety, efficiency, and profitability of businesses that keep our economy moving. The company’s integrated fleet management platform spans ELD compliance, video-based driver safety, GPS tracking, fuel optimization, vehicle maintenance, and more. By bringing everything into one place, KeepTruckin provides businesses with a holistic view of their fleet operations to help maximize productivity, reduce costs, and better serve customers.

Reliable and efficient communication is key to helping drivers and fleet managers stay connected on the road. However, with roughly 1 million drivers and over 70,000 customers, this is no easy task. To facilitate communication between drivers and back offices, KeepTruckin offers real-time in-app chat capabilities as a core feature of their software.

Despite being a software company themselves, they knew that chat wasn’t a core competency of the KeepTruckin engineering team. So they knew they needed to partner with a best-in-class API provider instead of trying to build it in-house and risking unpredictable expenses and limited features. Download this case study to learn why KeepTruckin chose Sendbird.

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