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How we re-architected Announcements

Sendbird’s Announcements API, a premium feature, allows you to send announcements to massive groups of users in group channels and […]


Building Sendbird: On-device caching on unreliable networks

This is the first in a new blog series, ‘Building Sendbird’, from the Sendbird Engineering team, where we’ll outline the […]

Chris Heo Software Engineer - Applications

How Sendbird halved test runtime and improved test success rate

Summary Code quality and delivery speed are two of the most important goals for the Sendbird SDK team. To achieve […]


Build in-app chat using Kotlin: part 2

Introduction In the first part of this guide, ‘Build in app chat using Kotlin: part 1’, we built out the […]

Alex Preston Solutions Engineer

How Sendbird approaches SDK testing for stability and performance

As a leader in the in-app chat and messaging API market, the quality of our code releases is always top […]


Build in-app chat using Kotlin – Part 1

1. Intro This guide is an easy to follow Kotlin implementation guide to build a chat application using the Sendbird […]

Alex Preston Solutions Engineer

Getting started guide: Build chat with Sendbird UIKit for Javascript

Send your first message Explore how easy it is to set up chat in your Javascript (JS) application and send […]

Eric Kim Solutions Engineer

Introducing Sendbird Code Cafe for Developers

A hands-on workshop series led by Sendbird engineers We’re introducing a new live workshop series designed by developers for developers! […]


Load testing Sendbird Calls at scale with Selenium and Kubernetes

How to commit to high performance at scale Introduction: The key challenges load-testing Calls vs. Chat The recent launch of […]


How to implement Messaging Lifecycle Notifications in your chat application

Earlier this month we released Delivery Receipts! So what does that mean for you and your chat implementation?  Your users […]

Alex Preston Solutions Engineer
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