Editor's Pick, Engineering

    How we re-architected Announcements

    Sendbird’s Announcements API, a premium feature, allows you to send announcements to massive groups of users in group channels and […]


    Bot interface and pong bot implementation

    Sendbird’s bot interface Connect any bot to Sendbird so it can interact autonomously with users. Connect a bot to Sendbird […]

    Rommel Sunga Solutions Engineer

    Sending Preview URLs in messages containing links

    URL preview Users send and receive links in an easily digestible format Preview websites linked in messages Users automatically send […]

    Jason Allshorn Solutions Engineer

    Using asynchronous programming with Sendbird’s JavaScript SDK

    Sendbird, JavaScript Frameworks, and Asynchronous Programming Sendbird’s API and JavaScript SDK provide the tools you need to integrate chat and […]

    Alex Orr Solutions Engineer

    Migrating chat made easy with Sync Server

    Introduction Part of the challenge of migrating from one chat provider to another is not having a live migration solution […]

    Rommel Sunga Solutions Engineer

    Don’t try this at home: Why software engineers shouldn’t build chat in-house

    Before I helped co-found Sendbird as the Chief Technology Officer, I built chat as a feature for two products. Both […]

    Harry Kim Chief Technology Officer

    Extreme Optimization of AsyncStorage in React Native

    AsyncStorage is a unique built-in feature for storing data in React Native and a good way to store simple key-value […]

    Chris Heo Software Engineer - Applications

    How to build an Android chat app using a chat API, Part 2: Channel List

    1.0 Introduction In our earlier tutorial, we covered how to create a basic chat application that allowed you to login to […]

    Rommel Sunga Solutions Engineer

    Implementing Single Sign-on (SSO) for a product dashboard

    SSO offers a user the ability use a single credential to allow access to several inter-related or integrated systems of […]

    Jack Park Software Engineer - Web Applications

    Introducing the new Sendbird Docs page

    We’re very excited to announce that the Sendbird Documentation is now redesigned, up-to-date, and even more intuitive. Every month, thousands of individual […]

    Jeff Lim Developer Advocate
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