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Introducing the new Sendbird mission

Today, I’m excited to share that we’ve updated our mission statement at Sendbird. When my co-founders and I first launched […]

John S. Kim CEO & Co-Founder of SendBird

Welcoming Roundee to Sendbird

We’re deeply grateful and excited to announce that the team will be joining the Sendbird family — and our […]

John S. Kim CEO & Co-Founder of SendBird

Introducing Sendbird calls: APIs for voice and video

We’re very pleased to be launching Sendbird Calls Voice API and Sendbird Calls Video API, the fastest way to integrate […]

KC Kern
KC Kern Product Manager

We’re in this together

Hi friends,  The recent development of COVID-19 has impacted our society disrupting the livelihood of individuals, families, and our communities. […]

John S. Kim CEO & Co-Founder of SendBird

Introducing new chat features to facilitate global business, deepen engagement, and improve user safety

Chat is now mainstream. Everyday users send millions of messages on our customers’ platforms to engage with people that matter […]

Sarang Paramhans
Sarang Paramhans Product Marketer

How Sendbird’s user roles and permissions help you moderate chat

Permissions hierarchy and roles to empower your users to moderate and manage conversations. User roles determine what a user can […]

Alex Preston
Alex Preston Solutions Engineer

Read Status for Messages and Users

Time dependent information users need to jump in and out of conversations and easily find their place. Read receipts and […]

Jason Allshorn
Jason Allshorn Solutions Engineer

Enabling push notifications, snooze, and Do not disturb in Sendbird

Push notifications are essential for any app with chat and messaging because users receive messages from people they care about, […]

Imju Byon
Imju Byon Solutions Engineering Manager

Sendbird Ranks No. 38 on Y Combinator Top Companies List

Y Combinator has updated its list of the top 100 companies that began at the famed accelerator program. As a […]

Mark Lee
Mark Lee Vice President of Operations

How to use webhooks to build real-time features and link API services

With Sendbird’s chat framework, you can easily design, build, and customize the perfect chat or messaging solution for your app. […]

Astin Choi
Astin Choi Solutions Engineer