Why DoorDash chose to build on Sendbird 


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DoorDash recently posted a technical blog titled that describes DoorDash’s journey adding in-app chat to their delivery app in the U.S.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Every delivery enabled by the DoorDash platform is different. Dashers (our term for delivery drivers) meet customers in a wide range of contexts, from apartment and office building lobbies to suburban homes. This variety of circumstances and the timely nature of contact makes communication essential, which is why we built chat into the DoorDash apps.

Building chat into our apps may seem redundant, as smartphones already support calling and texting. However, building our own chat client has several advantages over these external channels. Our chat client creates a buffer between Dashers and customers, ensuring privacy for both parties, and lets us better resolve customer support issues.

Creating a chat client requires quite a bit of engineering and, given our past success integrating existing solutions, we began this project by evaluating third-party software. After settling on a chat technology, we integrated it into our platform and apps.

Relying on a third party solution [Sendbird] contributed to a rapid development time for this project. The resulting communication channel has led to an overall better experience for Dashers and consumers.”

We’d love to tell you more about it, but we wouldn’t be able to do nearly as good of a job as the DoorDash engineer who authored the post, so we highly recommend reading ‘Building chat into the DoorDash app to improve deliveries’ on the DoorDash Engineering Blog.

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