How Ralali connects its B2B marketplace with Sendbird’s chat API

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Indonesia’s tech scene, rich with on-demand services, online marketplaces, education tech, and OTAs, is a truly mobile-first market. Since mobile adoption is so high, we’re seeing a rich technology eco-system in Indonesia and betting on massive growth in tech. Recently, at Tech in Asia Jakarta, SendBird sat down to talk to some of the top companies in the region about the innovative ways chat is helping solve some of their real business problems.

In the video below, we spoke to Irwan Suryady, the CTO at Ralali, about:

  1. Why buyer to seller chat is crucial for connecting their marketplace
  2. Why Ralali didn’t build chat internally and, instead, partnered with SendBird
  3. His experience with Sendbird’s integration process

Ralali is a B2B marketplace that enables manufacturers to sell directly to shop owners and merchants. Over 150,000 resellers, wholesalers, and retailers use the platform, with over 10,000 suppliers across 20 cities in Indonesia. It began as a marketplace for maintenance, repair, and operations equipment like power tools and construction equipment. It has since expanded into building, food, office, and automotive supplies. Its average price per transaction is $2,000.

It is also beginning a micro-lending branch, using the strong customer data from its marketplace to empower people and businesses financially.

By using Sendbird’s chat solution, Ralali is able to connect its marketplace with in-app buyer to seller chat so that users could speak directly with 10,000+ suppliers and make informed decisions to buy the best supplies for their company.

We built Sendbird’s Chat API and SDK to help companies focus their development resources on their core product. Ralali’s connected marketplace delivers great products and services throughout Indonesia and will soon reach Thailand.

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