Introducing Sendbird status pages: availability and performance by region

Introducing Sendbird status pages: availability and performance by region

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We take reliability and uptime of our customers very seriously. And we want to be as transparent as possible and communicate often, as we know how many critical services around the world depend on Sendbird’s APIs.

Today we’re introducing public status pages to offer transparency around performance and availability for Sendbird services.

This makes it easy to track uptime, monitor incidents, and view historical data, so you can deliver the best experience for your users—wherever they are in the world.

Sendbird status page for Mumbai

You can review service status by region, and subscribe to regular updates.

Asia Pacific

Sendbird status (Tokyo)
Sendbird status (Seoul)
Sendbird status (Singapore)
Sendbird status (Mumbai)
Sendbird status (Sydney)

European Union

Sendbird status (Frankfurt)

United States

Sendbird status (Oregon)
Sendbird status (North Virginia)
Sendbird status (North Virginia 2)

We have 9 high-availability data centers around the globe so you always get fast performance wherever you are. Of course, our highly scalable infrastructure has been built for security, reliability, and is certified by leading compliance standards.

You can always rely on:

  • Advanced encryption and security standards
    From TLS encryption and security certification to our continuous commitment to a secure environment, Sendbird delivers a secure messaging API and infrastructure.
  • Security compliance
    Sendbird is SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITECH and EU-US Privacy Shield certified, as well as GDPR compliant.
  • Security in transit
    All communication to and from Sendbird servers is encrypted using TLS/SSL with authentication devices for client- and server-side.
  • Secure cloud infrastructure
    All files are saved with AES256 encryption in our private cloud and access is tightly restricted. Sendbird conducts regular third-party penetration testing to proactively ensure security and address potential vulnerabilities.

Learn more about Sendbird trust and security.


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