IP Messaging – Benefits & Consumer Expectations

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IP Messaging – Benefits & Consumer Expectations

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Since the maturity of the messenger app market, consumer expectations for messaging experiences are extremely high. Invitations, multimedia, structured messages, typing indicators, read receipts, friend lists, online status, custom profiles – all these and more must now be standard facets of your app’s messaging experience.

IP messaging SDKs and APIs can build this messaging experience into your app and provide all the features your users now expect. Read about the following benefits of building IP messaging into your app:

  1. User Retention
  2. Flexible and Rich Features
  3. Improved UX
  4. Data for Insight and User Personalization
  5. Reliable Real-time infrastructure

Build IP messaging into your app with SendBird’s SDKs for any platform.

IP Messaging – Global Adoption

According to the GSMA Intelligence Consumer Survey 2016, IP messaging was used more than SMS (Short Message Service) in 27 of the 56 markets surveyed, with Asian, Middle Eastern, and South and Central American markets showing the highest adoption rate.

While IP messaging or OTT in-app messaging is quickly gaining ground on SMS, the text-based messaging service is still widely popular in many developed markets around the world like the US, Canada, France, UK, Australia and others.

Why are developed markets slow adopters of IP messaging technology, if it is cheaper and more adaptable than SMS?

Where the cost of SMS is a blocker, IP messaging dominates because SMS is nearly 10X more expensive. But, in markets like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and others, it’s a mixed bag.

For the flush coffers of Venture-backed companies, optimizing operating costs might take second or even third chair to growth. For others, there might be some confusion about IP messaging, SMS, and the types of notifications possible.

Building IP messaging into your app allows you to send push notifications to users outside your application AND send in app messages when the user is in your application. These are complementary practices.

But the reason people switch to IP messaging is because it allows for more data control, flexibility in user conversations, functionality within your app, and a better user experience.

Messenger apps already set consumers’ expectations for messaging sky high

Thanks to successful IP messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kakao, and Line, consumers have become more and more accustomed to feature rich messaging that allows users to send emojis, gifs, and videos, and also see their counterpart’s read receipts and typing indicators. As the adoption of IP messaging continues to rise around the world, consumers will expect more of their messaging experiences and expect them to resemble the experience and communication of IP messaging.

However, because of the close split between consumers who use SMS and IP messaging, businesses are weighing their options between going with the traditional service or the new alternative. When companies are considering adding in-app messaging, it is usually because they want to add communication between users, offer a better in-app experience or better serve their community.

Benefits of Embedding IP Messaging into Your App

IP messaging is the buzz word that many use to talk about messages that are sent through cellular data or wifi and not through service providers. Some call it “native messaging”, others call it “in-app messaging”. Whatever the correct term is, there are definite benefits of adding IP messaging than going with just SMS.

User Retention

In-App Message User Retention

When a company builds an app, one of their main goals is to keep users within the app as long as possible. According to Localytics, apps that have in-app messaging drive 3.5X higher user retention than apps that don’t have messaging. If users are switching between apps to text, purchase products and check emails for customer support, than means less time is being spent in your app. By adding IP messaging, it will boost user engagement and retention.

Flexible and Rich Features

Flexible and Rich Features

IP messaging allows you to build in rich features to your messaging – whether they’re maps, geo-location, pre-set messages, user badges, read-receipts, calls to action, and more.

SMS is limited to 160 character and doesn’t support features like emojis, photos, videos and location information that we’ve all grown accustomed through IP messaging. SendBird’s in-app messaging solution however is fully customizable to offer all the messaging features we have come to expect plus more. Give your users the power to communicate any way they want to.

Improved UX

Unlike SMS, IP messaging can be molded and shaped into any design or experience you want your users to see. This element of customizability provides a visual advantage but also enhances the overall experience of your app.

Data for Insight and User Personalization

One of the great things about in-app messaging is the access to data that you simply could not have with SMS because the data is controlled by the telecommunication companies.

Manage Channel Metadata

SendBird allows you to set channel metadata or user metadata, so you can generate the data and insights necessary to make a personalized and winning product for your user. When messages are sent through your app or platform, you and your users control the data and can gain access to the information whenever you need it.

Reliable Infrastructure

Many IP messaging solutions, including SendBird, come with exceptional infrastructures so your data is securely stored in the cloud and can scale as your user base grows and traffic picks up.

Since SendBird received a DEVIES Award for Innovation in API Infrastructure, we’ve proven our reliable infrastructure time and again.

Try IP Messaging Today

If your company is still debating whether IP messaging is the right direction to go, sign up for SendBird for FREE and add in-app messaging to your app or web platform. Our service is free for up to 1,000 monthly active users, so test it out and see if IP messaging is right for you.

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