Editor's Pick, Sendbird

Sendbird chosen as AWS Korea’s Software Partner of the Year

We’re pleased to announce that Sendbird was chosen as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Korea’s Software Partner of the Year. This […]

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Virtual reality: The future of chat in VR

Have you ever wondered what it might truly feel like to roam dungeons and fire arrows in a mythical world? […]


Use Sendbird Desk for free and deliver streamlined, efficient chat support

We recently released a free trial of Sendbird Desk for in-app chat support. Now you can build a top-quality in-app […]


Create a modern chat experience: The only UIKit you need

The importance of UI never goes away. Your customer experience rests on the ability for users to easily understand how […]


Modern retail in the age of social and live commerce

Whether you’re a traditional retailer, a pure-play e-commerce company, or a mobile-first seller, you can’t ignore this golden thread: The […]


Selling without a storefront: how ghost retail is shaping the on-demand market

It all started with food. As the restaurant business struggled to adapt to the growing challenge of social isolation and […]


Top 15 must-know mobile app UX best practices

In our digital world, more and more interactions are happening via mobile devices. Did you know that mobile internet traffic […]


4 SMS marketing gaps that could be hurting your customer experience

Every company wants to own their customer journey from start to finish. Each touchpoint a user has with your brand […]


Community-led growth: connecting every part of the buyer’s journey

Buyer behavior is changing and customer acquisition costs are rising.  Engagement on paid platforms is trending down, the buyers journey […]


Keep customer experience at the heart of on-demand services

While on-demand delivery has been picking up speed for several years, the pandemic created a lot of momentum, particularly in […]

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