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Introducing Sendbird calls: APIs for voice and video

We’re very pleased to be launching Sendbird Calls Voice API and Sendbird Calls Video API, the fastest way to integrate […]

KC Kern
KC Kern Product Manager

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How to manage channel invitations in chat

The channel invitations feature and its accompanying options allow users or your backend to control the membership of private and […]

Jason Allshorn
Jason Allshorn Solutions Engineer

How Sendbird approaches SDK testing for stability and performance

As a leader in the in-app chat and messaging API market, the quality of our code releases is always top […]


Build in-app chat using Kotlin – Part 1

1. Intro This guide is an easy to follow Kotlin implementation guide to build a chat application using the Sendbird […]

Alex Preston
Alex Preston Solutions Engineer

Getting started guide: Build chat with Sendbird UIKit for Javascript

Send your first message Explore how easy it is to set up chat in your Javascript (JS) application and send […]

Eric Kim
Eric Kim Solutions Engineer

Online social communities get more social during COVID-19

Social media and digital communities have been part of our normal life for years. But, when COVID made in-person interactions […]

Daniel Kim Marketing Manager

Introducing Sendbird status pages: availability and performance by region

We take reliability and uptime of our customers very seriously. And we want to be as transparent as possible and […]


Introducing Supergroup Channel and Advanced Analytics for Sendbird Chat

It’s with great pleasure that Sendbird partners with some of the most innovative brands in the social and online community […]

Sarang Paramhans
Sarang Paramhans Product Marketer

Introducing peer-to-peer calls, webhooks, and on-device recording for Sendbird Calls and new self-service options

Only months ago, we launched the Sendbird Calls API, giving enterprise customers and developers alike a way to integrate high-quality […]

Emmanuel Delorme
Emmanuel Delorme Product Marketing Manager

On-demand delivery reaches new heights during COVID-19

Surging on-demand delivery during COVID-19 isn’t a surprise – but its temporary rise could lead to sustained returns. A look […]

Sarang Paramhans
Sarang Paramhans Product Marketer