Sendbird Feature Update – Feb. 16, 2017

Sendbird Feature Update – Feb. 16, 2017

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A long-awaited update to Sendbird’s features

As both a company and a service, Sendbird is constantly evolving. We’d like to share the new things we’ve been working on over the past few weeks!

New features

Note that the changes listed below are incorporated in our latest SDK versions. Please upgrade in order to take advantage of these features, and contact us at if you need any help during the process.

1. Thumbnails

It has never been easier for users to preview files that they’ve received. For both images and videos, we will generate a thumbnail for you automatically through our servers, and you can easily display them through chat bubbles or perhaps even a customized file preview feature. These thumbnails will be created according to the dimensions you specify through the client SDKs or Platform API. Look through the documentation linked below for more details!

2. Message auto-translation

Real-time messaging has empowered people to transcend physical boundaries; and now, we’ve gotten rid of the barrier of language as well. Using SendBird’s new auto-translation feature, you can send a message and have it displayed – immediately – as a different language on your friend’s screen. See our documentation for more details!

3. File encryption

Users are right to be concerned about their privacy and security in the online world, and messaging is an especially vulnerable field. Think of all the conversations your users are having – with their friends, family, and loved ones – that they definitely want to keep to themselves.

We at Sendbird regard privacy as our utmost priority and have worked to ensure that files sent in a Group Channel are stored in a secure private cloud, preventing access from outside or from members who have left the channel.

Note that thumbnails, message auto-translation, and file encryption are premium features. If you are interested in using these features, please contact us.

4. Auto event messages

4. Auto event messages

You probably know that you can send admin message to your users, and alert them of important events. But have you configured them to be sent automatically? With auto admin messages, it is now possible to display a message whenever a new user enters the room, exits, and et cetera. Make a visit to your Dashboard – Settings – Messages section to give the feature a try!

5. Push templates

Push Notification Message Templates

Did you know that you can customize your app’s push notifications, easily, through the Dashboard? We’ve recently added a push template feature to tailor push notifications to your users’ specific needs.

For example, some of your users might be wary of letting others glimpse their incoming messages, which are immediately displayed on their home screen via notifications. In order to protect their privacy, why not offer them an option to display a generic “New message arrived” notification instead? In fact, you can do just that by selecting the Alternative template for your user.

Here’s more information on this feature:

Sneak preview! Announcements API

Sneak preview! Announcements API

Ever wanted to batch-send messages to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users? We’re currently working on an API that lets you broadcast announcements to up to millions of users at once. Furthermore, you will be able to track statistics such as how many people read the announcement, when they did so, etc. We believe that this feature will be a valuable addition to e-commerce or gaming channels.

We expect a release early next month. But if you are curious about our API, maybe want more details about its pricing and capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us at!

Did you notice…

As some of you might be aware, last September, we decided to replace our set of pricing plans in favor of fully customizable Custom Plans. With custom plans, you can select only the features you need instead of being billed generically for a pre-chosen subset of our services. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss your messaging needs!

Please note that existing standard plan customers will NOT be affected by this change, but should you choose to change your pricing plan in the future, you will no longer be able to select an option from the discontinued standard plans.

Sendbird 3.0

Sendbird is a constantly evolving product; with endless tenacity, our team works to upgrade our services to be more flexible, secure, and efficient. Consequently, we highly recommend that our customers update to our latest SDK versions in order to take advantage of the performance enhancements and bugfixes that we have released.

We will be working harder to provide you with comprehensive change logs in our documentation website whenever we release an update. If you are migrating from version 2 to version 3 (which we highly recommend), please refer to the Migration section of our documentation, and contact us as if you need any help.

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