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Online social communities get more social during COVID-19

Social media and digital communities have been part of our normal life for years. But, when COVID made in-person interactions […]

Daniel Kim Marketing Manager

Building virtual connections in the COVID era : A business survival guide

What’s in this whitepaper Engaging communities & building deeper connections in a rapidly changing world “How are you doing?” has […]


In-app voice calls deliver on surging demand for audio communication

The humble phone call seems almost like an analog form of communication today. With real-time video chat and text messaging, […]

Sarang Paramhans Product Marketer

Adaptation speed and time to market determine success in the COVID era

Many of us – businesses and individuals alike – are still reeling from COVID-19’s continuous impact. Beyond the virus’s critical […]


Beyond words: Why voice and video is exactly what we need right now

In times of crisis, we need one another more than ever. We need to be able to share our fears, […]

Sarang Paramhans Product Marketer

The future of online community is contextualized

In recent years, countless brands have invested time and money into building a following on social media platforms like Facebook. […]

Alek Jeziorek Staff writer