Tutorial: Build a Twitch-like Video Chat App in 10 Minutes

Jed Gyeong Software Engineer - Applications (iOS)

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It’s fun to chat with friends while watching a live-event video stream. I really like sites like and thought it’d be cool to build a video chat app with a shared screen.

Since I don’t have a live video stream feed to use right now, we’re going to build a chat app with YouTube videos and Sendbird‘s chat API. The tutorial project comes with a sample UI and source code, so you can kick start a twitch-like iOS app pretty quickly.

Getting the Tutorial Project

Begin the tutorial by downloading the sample project here. All the parts required for the tutorial is included in this project, but feel free to change the styles to match your quirky taste as necessary.

I’ve made this for iOS, but hopefully someone can create an Android version as well.

The Video Chat App

In this tutorial, we’re going to build a simple video chat app for iOS with a list of videos that users can submit using YouTube’s video URLs. When you tap on a video you want to see, a chat room will appear below the video player.

You’ll also need a simple server, and I’ve included a python server code that you can use to host the service.

Read the full tutorial here or simple play with the tutorial source code to create a unique video chat app of your own.

If you have a live-video stream feed that you can use, you should be able to replace YouTube components of the tutorial code and morph it into a live-event streaming chat app. I’d love to see that happen!

If you have any questions or feedbacks, please send me your feedbacks to

Have fun developing your iOS video chat app!

* This tutorial was created and written by Jed, a software engineer at Sendbird, who boasts a 75-day streak of Cambly and occasionally sets soccer banners on fire.

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