Boost User Engagement

Boost User Engagement with Android Push Notifications

android phone with push notifications

Push notifications are a valuable tool in engaging customers since they are typically the first and most important communication channel for apps. But because the average user receives nearly 50 push notifications each day, your messaging can easily get lost in the noise.

That’s why it’s imperative to invest in curating and sending the right push notifications, and hone your skills around other in-app engagement techniques. Consider these approaches when implementing an Android push notification strategy to deliver rich, interactive digital experiences to your users.

Full-featured chat and messaging in a snap

Segment audiences for OS optimization

Segmentation — dividing customers into specific audiences based on activity, location and interests — allows you to more closely target customers. This technique is especially crucial for reaching users across various operating systems. A generalized message won’t perform as well as a custom push notification; Android and iOS users view notifications differently, whether that’s due to font, spacing, emojis or other factors.

Since OS systems don’t care about the back-end user’s view, segmentation is a helpful memory management technique to ensure the right people receive the right notifications at the right time.

    Build features that support and enhance push notifications

    Android push notifications can make an enormous impact on improving in-app experiences, but they alone cannot achieve all your important KPIs like engagement or conversion. However, when they’re implemented alongside features like a fully designed chat app, notifications both attract and retain loyal users.

    In 2018, 76% of the world’s population was a monthly active user of a messenger app. Providing various points of interaction and connectivity through solutions like messaging facilitates more personalized communication and communities for your customers which boosts their engagement. Sending in-app user notifications through chat allows you to work with existing customers, while push notifications create an opportunity to retain new customers or even reel back in inactive ones.

    Android sample code from Sendbird allows you to integrate real-time chat into your Android client apps quickly and efficiently so that users can start — and continuously — engage within your app.

      Facilitate niche communities through listening

      Improving user experience doesn’t stop after the initial Android app development. Push notifications testing is a great way to track engagement, but building an active community requires you to interact with your customers, whether through forums, in-chat messaging or social media. These conversations allow you to tap into a new wealth of opinions, experience and suggestions to tailor your experience and overall product to your users’ actual needs. A flourishing online app community is built by listening, testing and learning. It’s an effective process, but it may take time and patience.

        Building a community of customers who holistically engage with your Android app doesn’t happen overnight. But by creating and sending strategic Android push notifications, and pairing them with other communication methods, you can effectively encourage meaningful engagement with your brand, increasing retention — and your bottom line.

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