Advanced Moderation Guide v1
Advanced Moderation Guide
Advanced Moderation Guide
Version 1

Ticket list

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You can view all the ticket that have been sent to the Review Queue on the this page.




Specifies the status of the ticket.

-Unassigned: Ticket that is in the Review Queue but has not been assigned to an assignee.
-Assigned: Ticket that is in the Review Queue and has been assigned to an assignee.
-Submitted: Ticket that has been reviewed by the assignee.


Moderated on

Specifies the timestamp of when a specific moderating action took place. The most recent log item is shown at the top.


Ticket ID

Specifies the Ticket ID.



Specifies the event that triggered the rule engine.


Moderated details

Specifies the details of the event that triggered the moderation action, such as user name, user ID, message content, and further details are provided when clicked.


Action taken by rule

Specifies the action taken by rules.


Moderator reviewed as

Specifies the review action taken by a human moderator.



Specifies the assignee of the ticket.

Ticket details

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The ticket detail panel allows users to view in-depth information about specific tickets. You can click on a ticket to view further details as shown in the image below.

This panel is divided into several sections:


Moderator review status

- Displays whether the ticket is currently being reviewed by a moderator.
- Shows the name and email of the assigned moderator.
- Displays the time remaining for the moderator to complete the review.

Action taken by

Action taken by:
- Shows whether the action was taken by Rules or Review Queue.

- Lists the events that triggered the ticket. For example, a message being reported.

Action taken:
- Details any automatic actions taken by the system, such as muting a sender for a specified duration.
- Provides a link to view more details about the action taken.

Event details

- Displays further event details such as the message that was reported, who it was reported by, what the report reason was, and the channel it occurred in.

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