Business Messaging Guide v2
Business Messaging
Version 2

Logs helps you monitor the notifications you've sent at both notification and user levels and are crucial for teams to track and understand user engagement with notifications effectively. Sendbird Dashboard offers two separate tabs for notifications and users.

This page dives into the details on the data tracked on notifications themselves.

Notification logs

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Notification logs are instrumental in offering insights into both real-time and batch mode notifications, each tailored for specific use cases.


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The logs system offers several key metrics to accurately track the performance of batch notifications:



Indicates when notifications have been delivered to the user.


Tracks if notifications have been read by the user.
- UIKit: Counts when a notification is rendered on the screen.
- SDK: Counts when logImpressions is called.


Tracks if there was a click activity within a notification message.
- UIKit: Counts when a user clicks a button within a notification.
- SDK: Currently not available for public use.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The total ratio of users who clicked on a notification to those who viewed it, aggregated on a daily basis.

Batch mode

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Primarily employed for campaigns or announcements, batch mode tracks metrics like Sent, Impressions, Clicks, and Click-Through Rate (CTR), which is the ratio of clicks to sent notifications.

Real-time mode

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Real-time mode is optimized for transactional notifications, such as order confirmations, or targeted marketing efforts like abandoned cart notifications.