protected open fun onConfigureParams(@NonNull module: ChannelListModule, @NonNull args: Bundle)

Called to initialize the module's params or components' params. This is called after onCreateModule.

The instance of components and Params of each component will be created automatically when the module is created and you can set the properties of Params in this function. Each param can get via the component of module and it can't create directly.

public class MyFragment extends BaseModuleFragment {
    protected void onConfigureParams(BaseModuleFragment module, Bundle args) {
        super.onConfigureParams(module, args);

        Params params = module.getComponent().getParams();


The properties set in Params are used to create View in the onCreateView of the module, and params set after the module's onCreateView is called may not be reflected.



The module to be the target of configuring parameters


If the fragment is being re-created from a previous saved state, this is the state. since 3.0.0