Class OperatorListQuery

    public final class OperatorListQuery

    A class representing query to retrieve operator lists related to User.

    • Method Detail

      • setLimit

         void setLimit(int limit)

        Sets the maximum number of operators per queried page.

        limit - The maximum number of operators per page.
      • hasNext

         boolean hasNext()

        Checks if there is a next page.

      • isLoading

         synchronized boolean isLoading()

        Checks if the current query is in communication progress with server.

      • next

         synchronized void next(OperatorListQuery.OperatorListQueryResultHandler handler)

        Gets the list of operators. The queried result is passed to handler as List.If this method is repeatedly called after each next() is finished, it retrieves the following pages of the operator list.If there is no more pages to be read, an empty List (not null)is returned to handler.

        handler - A callback handler to get the queried result.