Enum Poll.Status

  • All Implemented Interfaces: , kotlin.Comparable

    public enum Poll.Status
    extends Enum<Poll.Status>

    Class representing poll status. A Poll can be one of OPEN, CLOSED, and REMOVED. The client must first check if poll is REMOVED before doing any operation with a poll instance, because if a poll is REMOVED, all api call will return an error.

    since 3.0.171

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      public class Poll.Status.Companion
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      Removed status. A removed poll's all info is invalid and cannot be used.

      since 3.0.171


      Closed status. A closed poll cannot receive votes and cannot be updated.

      since 3.0.171


      Open status. An open poll can receive votes and be updated.

      since 3.0.171

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      final String getName()
      final Integer getOrdinal()
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