Class UserMessage

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      public enum UserMessage.RequestState

      Represents message request state.

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      List<Plugin> getPlugins() Returns the plugin lists for this message.
      Poll getPoll() The poll that belongs to this message object.
      void setPoll(@Nullable() Poll poll)
      String getRequestId() Returns a message request ID.
      Map<String, String> getTranslations() Returns the translated messages for the language codes in key.
      UserMessage.RequestState getRequestState() Returns message request state.
      List<String> getRequestedMentionUserIds() Returns requested mention user ids.
      UserMessageParams getMessageParams() returns UserMessageParams object that used for sending this messageIt's not null when sendingStatus is PENDING or FAILED If else, it will return null
      boolean applyPollUpdateEvent(@NonNull() PollUpdateEvent event) Applies poll update event to this user message's poll.
      boolean applyPollVoteEvent(@NonNull() PollVoteEvent event) Applies poll vote event to this user message's poll.
      String toString()
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