Install Chat SDK

This page provides a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to build and configure an in-app chat using Sendbird Chat SDK. Sendbird Chat SDK can be installed through pub.dev.

Step 1: Create a Sendbird application from your dashboard

A Sendbird application comprises everything required in a chat service including users, message, and channels. To create an application:

  1. Go to the Sendbird Dashboard and enter your email and password, and create a new account. You can also sign up with a Google account.
  2. When prompted by the setup wizard, enter your organization information to manage Sendbird applications.
  3. Lastly, when your dashboard home appears after completing setup, click Create + at the top-right corner.

Only one Sendbird application can be integrated per app for your service regardless of the platform. All users within your Sendbird application can communicate with each other across all platforms. This means that your iOS, Android, and web client app users can all send and receive messages with one another without any further setup.

Note: All data is limited to the scope of a single application, and users in different Sendbird applications can't chat with each other.

Step 2: Create a dependency

Once you create a Sendbird application, add the following code to your package's pubspec.yaml file.

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    sendbird_sdk: ^3.0.0

Step 3: Install packages

You can now install packages from the command line.

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$ flutter pub get

Step 4: Import packages

You can use all classes and methods just with the following one import statement.

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import 'package:sendbird_sdk/sendbird_sdk.dart'