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Current version: v3
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    The translations feature allows you to easily provide translations of text messages into over 100 languages.


    The following table shows a list of actions supported for translation. API endpoints are relative to the base URL allocated to your Sendbird application. In this page, the /{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages endpoint refers to https://api-{application_id}{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages.

    Note: If you want to know the ID and base URL of your application, sign in to Sendbird Dashboard, go to Settings > Application > General, and check Application ID and API request URL.

    • It's recommended that the parameter values such as {channel_url} in API URLs be URL encoded.

    List of actions

    ActionHTTP request

    Translate a message into other languages

    POST /{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages/{message_id}/translation
    Translates a message into specific languages.