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    Typing indicators promote a more interactive conversation environment by showing real-time engagement of other users.

    If you're looking for an easy way to show typing indicators on your app, check out the Sendbird UIKit for a ready-to-use UI feature that can be customized to fit your needs.

    Note: This feature is only applicable to group channels.


    When there are 100 or more members in a group channel, typing indicator events of up to two users are delivered to other users. Once typing indicator events of three or more users occur, the events aren't delivered to users.


    The following table shows a list of actions supported for typing indicators. API endpoints are relative to the base URL allocated to your Sendbird application. In this page, the /group_channels/{channel_url}/typing endpoint refers to https://api-{application_id}{channel_url}/typing.

    Note: If you want to know the ID and base URL of your application, sign in to Sendbird Dashboard, go to Settings > Application > General, and check Application ID and API request URL.

    • It's recommended that the parameter values such as {channel_url} in API URLs be URL encoded.

    List of actions

    ActionHTTP request

    Start typing indicators

    POST /group_channels/{channel_url}/typing
    Starts showing a typing indicator.

    Stop typing indicators

    DELETE /group_channels/{channel_url}/typing
    Stops showing a typing indicator.