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This is the new Docs for Chat SDK v4 for Android. To see the previous Docs, click here.

Enable Cloud Messaging API

To enable the legacy Cloud Messaging API, take the following steps.

Step 1 Open Firebase console

In the Firebase console, go to Project settings > Cloud Messaging and select Manage API in Google Cloud Console to open Google Cloud Console.

Step 2 Go to API Library

Go to API Library using the back button as shown below.

Step 3 Find Cloud Messaging API

In the search bar, type "cloud messaging."

In the search results, select Cloud Messaging as shown below.

Step 4 Enable Cloud Messaging API

Click Enable to start using the Cloud Messaging API.

Step 5 Check that the legacy API has been enabled

If you go back to your Firebase console, the Cloud Messaging API should be enabled with a newly generated server key.