A customer and an agent can have a conversation by sending and receiving messages through the Chat SDK. Sendbird Desk classifies messages into several types according to their component, implementation process, or purpose of usage.

Message types

There are three types of messages in Sendbird Desk:

  • User message: A text message sent by a customer or an agent.
  • File message: A file message sent by a customer or an agent.
  • Admin message: A message sent from the Desk server without a specific sender.

Admin message types

Admin messages are classified into the following two types of messages, depending on whether they are visible to a customer.

  • Notifications: Displayed to both customers and agents. Examples are welcome messages or delay messages.
  • System messages: Displayed only to agents when a ticket has some updates, such as changes in ticket status or its assignee.

Rich messages

Among user messages, messages that need additional implementation processes are grouped into Rich messages, and they are divided into the following three types of messages:

  • Link preview: Shows a preview text or a thumbnail image of the link in a message.
  • Confirmation request: Asks for a customer's confirmation of ticket closing.
  • CSAT: Asks for a level of satisfaction or a comment about the provided support.

When a client app receives a message through the onMessageReceived() method of the channel event handler, the three types of rich messages are distinguished by a value of type in the message.data as below:

Rich messages

Message typemessage.customTypemessage.data

Link preview



Confirmation request