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List live events

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You can use the LiveEventListViewController class as the starting point of using the UIKit. You can use this class to build a live event list view where a user can list, create, and enter a live event. When there is no connection between the client app and the Sendbird server, the UIKit will automatically reconnect the two using user information obtained during the UIKit authentication. Once the client app is connected to the Sendbird server, the LiveEventListViewController will show a list of live events.

List of features

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See the table below to see what features are available in LiveEventListViewController.


Create live events

Creates a new live event.

Enter a live event

Allows a user to enter a live event.

Show a list of live events

Displays a list of live events in the application.


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You can start building a live event list view through the LiveEventListViewController class, which uses LiveEventTableViewCell to display each live event in the list. Use the following code to list live events in a view.

Note: LiveEventListViewController uses LiveEventListQuery from Sendbird Live SDK to retrieve the list of live events from the server. Initialize LiveEventListViewController by setting the LiveEventListQueryParams object. Otherwise, the default values for the query will be used.

let liveEventListVC = LiveEventListViewController()
let params = LiveEventListQueryParams()
params.state = .ongoing
liveEventListVC.fetchLiveEventQueryParams = params



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The LiveEventListViewController class is composed of header and list components. The header component consists of a header title label and a right action button. The list component is an area located below the header where UITableView shows the live event information using LiveEventTableViewCell.

UI Components

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The following table lists a set of customizable properties and methods of the LiveEventListViewController class.

Customizable propertiesDescription

Header title

UILabel that is used to show the title of the view at the top left corner of the list view.

Header right button

UIButton that is used to perform an action in the list view. The default behavior of the button is to create a new live event.

Live Event List

UITableView that is used to show the list of live events.

UI Customization

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The following table lists the methods you can use to customize the view controller.

Customizable methodsDescription


Sets a cell in the live event list view. The cell you set using this function is used as the default cell on the live event list.


Fetches a list of live events.


Invoked when a cell in the live event list is clicked. By default, the user enters the live event on the cell.

String set

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The following table lists the properties of SBUStringSet that you can customize to modify the live event list view.







Live events



No live events



* If there is no host, the placeholder is empty.