Notifications Guide v1
Version 1

Manage notification channels on dashboard

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Notification channels host all of your notifications sent out to their target users. Sendbird Notifications offers two different view types for these channels: Feed or Chat.

On Sendbird Dashboard, you can create new notification channels with your choice of view type depending on the user experience of your service.

Difference between view type

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A list view that contains a new notification badge.

A channel view that contains a channel image and timestamp for each notification.

Order of notifications

The most recent notification is displayed at the top.

The most recent notification is displayed at the bottom.

Shown in channel list view


Yes, it's included in the channel list view along with other group channels.

To learn more about how each view type is rendered, see Channel rendering for iOS or Channel rendering for Android.


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When creating your first template, you can choose between two channel views: Feed or Chat. When the template is created, a notification channel with the selected view is automatically created as well. As shown in the image below, notifications look different in each view. In a Feed view, the template contains a green badge that indicates a new notification and disappears when the user reads the notification. In a Chat view, the template contains a channel image and a timestamp.

Create a channel

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  1. On Sendbird Dashboard, go to Notifications > Channels and click Create channel+ button at the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Depending on the use, fill in the following fields

  • View type: Select a channel view type between feed and chat.
  • Name: Specify a name of the channel.
  • Key: Specify a unique key of the channel. This becomes part of channel_url.

  1. Click Create.

Manage a channel

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Click one of the notification channels on the Notifications > Channels page and manage the following settings:

  • Category filter: Enables filtering listed notifications based on a category. This is for Feed view only.
  • Template label: Enables support for custom template labels to provide additional context to the end user.
  • Templates: An list of associated templates
  • Channel URL: The channel URL required when rendering a channel on the client app. The value is always notification_{id}_{key}.
  • Cover image: Rendered with Chat channels. This is for Chat view only.

Category filter

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Category filters are a per-channel list of categories that a user may utilize to filter the list of notifications rendered. Categories are an optional feature.

To configure Category Filters for a specific channel, navigate to the Sendbird Dashboard > Application > Notifications > Channels and select the channel which you wish to enable Category Filtering

Once enabled, you can add as many or as few categories to fit your use case. Categories will always have an id associated with them which is a static value regardless of the name of the category. This means that even though you may change the name of a category, the id will remain the same.

Once categories have been enabled, and created, you can then associate them to your templates.

Note: Categories cannot be retroactively applied to notifications. They will only be applied to notifications that are sent after they’ve been configured. Categories can be changed on templates however previously sent notifications will still appear with the previous category.