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User logs

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Logs helps you monitor the notifications you've sent at both notification and user levels and are crucial for teams to track and understand user engagement with notifications effectively. Sendbird Dashboard offers two separate tabs for notifications and users.

User Logs offer a detailed view of communication metrics, including delivery, impressions, and clicks, at the individual user level. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams like customer support, enabling them to check if users have received and interacted with notifications. You can also delete a user in this page.

This page dives into the details on the data tracked on users and notification messages they've received.


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The logs system offers several key metrics to accurately track the performance of notifications:

  • Status: Indicates whether the user has read the notification message or not.
  • Impression: Tracks if notifications have been read by the user.
    • UIKit: Counts when a notification is rendered on the screen.
    • SDK: Counts when logImpressions is called.
  • Click: Tracks if there was a click event within the notification message.
    • UIKit: Counts when a user clicks a button within a notification.
    • SDK: Currently not available for public use.
  • Custom: Custom metrics are not publicly available. Please talk to our sales team for more information.
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