About UIKit

Sendbird UIKit for Android is a development kit that enables fast and easy integration of standard chat features into new or existing applications. From the overall theme to individual styles such as colors and fonts, components can be fully customized to create an in-app chat experience unique to your brand identity.

Note: UIKit for Android now supports both open channels and group channels.

Three UIKit views on the Light theme are shown: list of channels, chat view, channel information view.


  • Easy installation
  • Fully-featured chat with a minimal amount of code
  • Customizable components, events, and views
  • Customizable user list to enable chat among specified users


The minimum requirements for UIKit for Android are:

  • Android + (API level as 16 or higher)
  • Java 8
  • Support androidx only
  • Gradle 3.4.0 or higher

Try the sample app

Our sample app has all the core features of Sendbird UIKit for Android. Download the app from our GitHub repository to get an idea of what you can build with the actual UIKit before building your own project.

Download sample app