Video Calling

Elevate in-app communication with a video call API

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Enhance user connections in your app or website by facilitating face-to-face interactions. In an increasingly digitized world, updating your app with a video call SDK helps ensure your business remains ahead of the curve and responsive to user demands.

Create personal experiences

In-app video calls offer more human, 1:1 interactions. Users can see facial expressions, interpret gestures and better connect to the person at the other end of the call. Implementing a video calling SDK enables more personal and meaningful conversations within your app’s ecosystem — boosting user satisfaction.

    Simulate in-person interactions

    From first dates to doctor’s office visits, more of our daily activities are moving online. Whichever industry your app caters to, live video conversations let you create digital experiences that mirror in-person interactions. Video chat enables your business to accommodate health restrictions or busy schedules, and provide a valuable replacement when users need flexibility.

      Centralize your app’s communication tools

      The in-app video call integration means users can have face-to-face conversations and engaging video interactions without ever leaving your app. With video calls augmenting chat and voice options, users have the flexibility to communicate in the way they prefer. A video call API for your app helps you maintain engagement and avoid unnecessary friction.

        Turning to video calling SDKs to meet rising demand

        Across generations, live video usage is gaining traction. One 2019 survey reveals video calls are nearing voice calls in popularity and reaching almost universal adoption. Downloads of video conferencing apps surged in 2020, showing that consumers in every demographic expect seamless video interactions in their professional and personal lives. To keep pace with user expectations, your app should offer video calls — but you don’t have to build it alone.


        A video calling SDK allows your business to reap the benefits of video calls without the challenges — and lengthy process — of building an in-house solution. Video chat supports deeper user connections and creates a more personal channel for conversations, enhancing your user experience. From healthcare to customer service, a video call integration helps you better serve your user base and stay one step ahead of their communication needs.


        Without in-app calling, users must go elsewhere for video calls — creating a clunky user experience. Whenever someone leaves your app to make a video call that could have been handled in your platform, your business misses a chance to increase engagement. From simplifying product walkthroughs to making rideshare pickups easier, live video works with your existing product to streamline the user experience. And with a completely in-app solution, users avoid the security vulnerability of providing personal information or moving to a less-secure platform.

          The cross-industry applications of video calling

          Video calls offer an enhanced communication experience that is difficult to replicate through voice or text alone. Equipping your platform with this feature enables deeper user connections, easier communication and stronger engagement.

          Manage high patient loads more efficiently by leveraging HIPAA-compliant video chat for your mobile application. A Massachusetts General Hospital survey shows that 83% of patients found telehealth services to be as good — or better than — in-person visits. This demonstrates that video chat telehealth services can increase accessibility of care and improve patient outcomes.

          Video calls help simulate in-store experiences — and they can be the difference between a hesitant buyer making a purchase or deciding against it. Use a video calling SDK to equip your marketplace with live video, allowing them to feel more informed and comfortable making a purchase.

          Video calling lets users get to know each other without the pressure of an in-person meeting, or the risk of exchanging personal information. By meeting this need for users, you can facilitate more positive outcomes and increase the time they spend in your app.

          Ride sharing and delivery
          Reduce the number of cancelled rides and make pickups smoother for both drivers and customers by leveraging a video call API in your rideshare or delivery app. From choosing a meal backup to coordinating a meeting point, video calls offer a secure way to enhance user satisfaction at every turn.

          On-demand services
          Adding video calls to your mobile ecosystem allows you to address users’ questions and concerns while they’re using your app. Live video also enhances responses, whether you’re troubleshooting or explaining product features. From your customer support team to the users they’re helping, a video call integration makes the process easier for all involved.

            Improve experiences with Sendbird Calls

            The Sendbird Calls Voice and Video API allows you to create richer in-app experiences, meeting the needs of increasingly digitally savvy consumers in an increasingly digital world. By enabling video chat, you can facilitate stronger user connections and more personal experiences. Sendbird equips you with the platform API and SDK resources to get started quickly, including docs to help you navigate our SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript applications.

            Whether you’re using our video call API to mirror an in-person doctor’s visit or as a supplemental customer service option, we make implementation easy. With a developer friendly SDK, you can add video calling capabilities in as little as 15 minutes — a quick turnaround that leads to long-lasting user connections.

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