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You are in good company

SendBird isn’t just another chat API service. It’s the gold standard for conversations in your app. It’s no wonder that Layer’s largest customers such as Hinge and Dubbizle, an OLX Group company, now power their messaging experiences through SendBird.

“We decided on SendBird primarily for two reasons: their product seemed very much in line with our needs (i.e., richly-featured chat service), and their client base gave us confidence that they would be able to handle our traffic and projected growth.”

Ben Celebicic, CTO, Hinge

Complete suite of premium messaging features

SendBird is the most complete toolkit for building a great conversational experience.

High-level Comparison Chart

  • Moderation Tools

    Monitor and moderate conversations from within the SendBird dashboard. Or use automatic moderation tools to protect the integrity of your chat proactively.

  • Dashboard and Analytics

    Manage your apps or watch your MAU, DAU, and concurrent connections grow directly on your dashboard.

  • Sync Data Across Multiple Apps and Platforms

    No matter how many apps and platforms you support, SendBird connects all of them.

Globally distributed infrastructure

SendBird supports over 10,500 applications from 150 countries. Our global infrastructure means your users don’t experience a slow message, no matter where they are in the world.

The world’s most scalable chat API

We can support over a 1,000,000 concurrent connections for a single application and 500,000,000 messages each day.

SendBird’s group chat and Super Group chat allow up to 100 and 1,000 users. Our open channels can support over 2,000 users.

Download SendBird’s Migration Best Practices

With SendBird’s Migration Plan, learn how to synchronize your legacy server with a SendBird server so you can migrate your chat solution effortlessly without data loss or downtime.

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