Chat care for One Medical

An unresponsive chat experience chat can create unwanted frustration for your members and your development team. Build chat with SendBird and create a chat experience that meets your standards.

To understand the health of One Medical’s current chat system, enter your email to receive a chat health assessment.

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Chat, without the headaches

Deliver better care and accelerate development

Increase member satisfaction

Build an engaging messaging experience

  • Responsive 1-to-1 chat and group chat capabilities
  • Supports typing indicators, read receipts, rich media support, custom data types, and more

Personalize patient care

  • Flexibility to integrate with your CRM to centralize customer data and gain greater context

Improve member response times

  • Bring members back into the conversation with push notifications for messages
  • Send reminders to members through custom notifications

Lift the strain off your development team

Build a fully-featured chat experience with a few lines of code

  • SendBird Chat API is easy to migrate and deploy

Access chat and messaging features built in the cloud

  • Continuously upgrading chat with up-to-date chat features
  • Auto-scaling infrastructure to go from 1 to 1 million connections

Integrate your communications within your technology stack

  • Connects to your CRM, chatbot solution and other enterprise software to support holistic patient care

Security built for healthcare's strictest compliance demands

Discover compliance and shared responsibility

  • SendBird is HIPAA compliant and signs a BAA to put you at ease

Authentication and Encryption for all data and Personal Health Information (PHI)

  • Member authentication from the app experience
  • TLS/SSL for data encryption in rest and motion

Secure and dedicated infrastructure

  • Dedicated server instances
  • AES-256 data encryption

Better care starts with better communication

“Getting in-app messaging right is key for us to provide better engagement and personalized care. With SendBird's developer-friendly chat API and SDKs, we were quickly able to build a responsive and reliable messaging experience that our users love.”

- Hiren Bhavsar, Director of Product Management, Accolade

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