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Sendbird ChatGPT
AI chatbot live demo

Sendbird’s chatbot integrations with ChatGPT

Sendbird’s chatbot integration with ChatGPT helps boost efficiency, satisfaction, and customer loyalty by creating personalized AI responses using high-value, first-party data.

Sendbird + ChatGPT allows customers to experience a conversation with our AI-powered knowledge chatbot. 

Experience the power of chatbot integrations with Sendbird’s chatbot demo

Chatbot on demand Chatbot on demand

Engage with the new OpenAI-powered chatbots in this live web demo.

Example use cases:

  • Inquire about your bank statement...
  • Find out more about the retail specifications of a headphone...
  • Schedule a doctor's appointment...
  • Build a smart financial advisor bot that can leverage data like transaction history, past conversations, and CRM information… 
  • Free drivers from distracting messages by providing a bot that answers customer questions during delivery…
  • Enrich the bot's knowledge by ingesting the Sendbird docs glossary and asking what a chat API is!

Use the suggested questions above or ask your own. Explore the potential of humanlike conversations produced with OpenAI's Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) Artificial intelligence.

Why choose the Sendbird chatbot?

No code dashboard setup

Create and test your ChatGPT-powered chatbots in minutes.

Low code API integration

Revamp your chatbot experience with just a few lines of code.

Deploy your AI chatbot in a click

Quickly add your new AI chatbots to any of your application’s chat groups and channels.

File and content URL ingestion

Effortlessly transfer knowledge to your chatbot with content files or web links.

AI prompt input

Control the tone, style, and range of topics of your knowledge chatbot with custom prompts.

Pre-integrated GPT service

Create AI bots with GPT without the need for OpenAI credentials.

Experience Sendbird’s AI chatbot

Build modern chat apps with conversational AI chatbot experiences that your users will love. 

Ready for the next level?