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Sendbird ChatGPT
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Sendbird ChatGPT chatbot

Sendbird streamlines the integration of ChatGPT's LLM GPT Turbo 3.5 & GPT Turbo 4 in low-code, no-code AI Chatbots for websites and mobile applications. These versatile AI chatbots for ecommerce, customer service, and support are multilingual. They are capable of using your data and connecting to your systems to personalize customer interactions and boost engagement, conversions, support, and loyalty. 

Experience Sendbird’s AI chatbot demo

Chatbot on demand Chatbot on demand

Engage with Sendbird's custom ChatGPT chatbots using the chat UI interface below

FAQ channel: Consult a SmartAssistant AI chatbot trained on Sendbird's Docs glossary and ask what's a chat API.
Cool Headphone Channel: Shop for cool headphones and get sales support from this ecommerce chatbot.
December 2022 Statement:
 Go through your expenses with an AI financial assistant.
Dr Kim's Clinic:
Schedule your doctor's visit by chatting with a healthcare AI chatbot

Explore the potential of humanlike conversations of custom AI chatbots you can build in minutes

Why choose Sendbird's AI chatbots?

No code dashboard setup

Create and test your ChatGPT-powered chatbots in minutes.

Low code API integration

Revamp your chatbot experience with just a few lines of code.

Deploy your AI chatbot in a click

Quickly add your new AI chatbots to any of your application’s chat groups and channels.

File and content URL ingestion

Effortlessly transfer knowledge to your chatbot with content files or web links.

AI prompt input

Control the tone, style, and range of topics of your knowledge chatbot with custom prompts.

Pre-integrated GPT service

Create AI bots with GPT without the need for OpenAI credentials.

Chatbot workflow

Create custom workflows to guide your customer seamlessly across their journey.

Function calling

Let your AI chatbots connect to your database and systems through APIs to retrieve valuable data in real-time.

Logs & Analytics

Monitor the performance of your AI chatbots and review conversations directly from the Sendbird's dashboard.