Voice Calling

Unlock seamless in-app communication with a voice call API

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Foster deeper connections through human-centric communication

Sometimes text alone doesn’t cut it. Implementing a voice call API allows you to build stronger connections through voice conversations. Users appreciate the comfort and reassurance of phone calls, and a voice call SDK enables your app to answer this need for human connection. Sometimes, users just need to talk things out — and your app should accommodate this desire

    Centralize communication options in your app

    There’s a reason why hundreds of millions of Americans use messaging apps. Voice, chat and video options in your app reduce friction and put a range of communication tools at your users’ fingertips. A voice calling API is one way way to enhance users’ experience without forcing them to stray from your app.

      Boost user engagement for your platform

      Implementing a voice calling API allows you to create more immersive in-app experiences that strengthen user bonds. Some conversations need to occur out loud, and calling capabilities show users that your platform can facilitate these personal interactions — reinforcing their connection to your application. By using a voice calling SDK, you accommodate more meaningful conversations, boosting user satisfaction and engagement without the burden of building your own solution.

        Enhance user experiences through a voice calling API

        When users are in your app, you want to keep them there. By implementing voice calls, you increase their connectedness and allow them to interact in more engaging, human ways. From telehealthcare to dating apps, in-app calling keeps users in your ecosystem and avoids the negative experience of having to leave your platform. 

        A voice chat option in your mobile application also enhances security, protecting users from having to divulge personal contact information. In-app voice chat offers a lower-cost alternative to traditional phone calls while also providing features like multi-device support and recording. 

        With a voice call API you can customize experiences to align with your brand, further enhancing your user experience. Real-time voice interaction strengthens your user community, helping build relationships and making your app an irreplaceable part of their daily routines.

          Implementing a voice call SDK for your industry

          From easier product explanations to a lower-stakes first date, the enhanced communication experience of audio calling has benefits across industries. Here’s how adding voice calls can improve your mobile application experience:

          Achieve better patient outcomes by enabling voice calls in your telehealth portal. With a voice call SDK, it’s easy to add high-quality, HIPAA-compliant voice chat to your app. This feature helps ensure patients receive clear instructions and better communicate questions, concerns and health issues.

          Voice calls result in better informed buyers — especially for demographics that prefer phone conversations to text-based chat. Armed with more information, customers are more confident in purchases, resulting in more transactions and higher revenue.

          Enabling audio calls allows users to get to know each other outside of text communication — without the pressure of exchanging personal information. Your dating app can leverage a voice call API to create more secure, comfortable interactions through an easy-to-use calling feature.

          Ride sharing and delivery
          Cancelled rides cost money and waste drivers’ valuable time. By enabling in-app voice communication, you ensure cars and riders get where they need to go and boost satisfaction for all involved. With voice calls added to your existing mobile ecosystem, riders can coordinate pick-ups without ever leaving your app.

          On-demand services
          Introduce audio calls to your app and avoid making clients call a separate customer service line, allowing customers to get help without any extra steps. Audio calling makes it easier to resolve tickets, deliver more personal care and keep clients happy.

            Increase engagement with Sendbird Call

            Your users expect a wide array of in-app communication tools, but you don’t have to do it all. Sendbird Calls provides an easy way to integrate voice calling into your mobile app. With a comprehensive API that covers the entire calling experience, developers get access to a simpler and faster integration. Custom metadata, call recording, event webhooks and the dashboard enhance users’ insights, capabilities, connectivity and operations. Also, Sendbird Calls shares the same userID as Sendbird Chat. This feature simplifies integration for developers and gives a unified view of user data across chat messaging and voice calling. Our well maintained documentation describes our  platform API and delivers the necessary information to implement voice calling in iOS, Android, and JavaScript applications on any device.

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