Sendbird’s video chat

Enhance user connections with Sendbird's video chat API

two people chatting via video

Facilitate memorable, connected experiences through our in-app video chat API.

Boost user engagement with flexible chat options

Sendbird’s range of capabilities sets it apart from other chat solutions, making it possible for brands to let users connect in their preferred way. Our video chat app SDK helps you foster human connections within the app, unlocking a deeper, more human level of buyer-to-seller, doctor-to-patient, gamer-to-gamer or other inter-user communication than messaging alone.

Adapt to platform growth with our scalable solution

Our chat solutions already support more than 100 million active users around the globe. As your brand grows, our web, Android and iOS video chat SDK allows you to access our scalable chat infrastructure. These solutions help you serve your expanding customer base with the option of one-to-one chat and on-camera calls.

Get up and running quickly with our developer-friendly platform

Integrate Sendbird Calls into your app in as little as 15 minutes with our easy-to-implement Android and iOS video chat SDK. We empower you with the API and developer resources to quickly integrate our solution into your app and easily manage in-app calls. Our video chat SDK Android and iOS versions help you launch quickly, so you can start supporting calls on your platform within minutes.

Connect your users through in-app video chat

With Sendbird Calls Voice and Video API, you can offer users more rich communication experiences. Our video chat API enables you to meet customers where they’re at, providing natural chat capabilities with your app’s ecosystem. In an app-based world, our video chat app SDK allows your brand to facilitate stronger human interactions and conversations through a seamless in-app experience. Video chat adds a more personal layer to mobile communication, satisfying customers’ desires for human communication options in an increasingly connected world.

    Easily integrate our video chat API

    Sendbird Calls is a straightforward, out-of-the-box chat solution that makes it simple to add one-to-one audio and video calling into your application. Offering secure connections and a customizable platform, our Android and iOS video chat SDK is trusted by brands like Virgin Mobile UAE to offer a richer customer experience. Across our portfolio of chat API services, Sendbird supports companies in healthcare, gaming, e-commerce and more, bringing immersive chat capabilities to brands across industries.

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