GroupChannelConfiguration extension Null safety

Set of functionality related to configure group channel



freeze() Future<void>
Freezes this channel.
getMyPushTriggerOption() Future<GroupChannelPushTriggerOption>
Returns current user's GroupChannelPushTriggerOption on this channel.
hideChannel({bool hidePreviousMessage = false, bool allowAutoUnhide = true}) Future<void>
Hides this channel.
notifyScreenshotWasTaken() Future<void>
Notifies screenshot was taken on this channel.
setMyCountPreference(CountPreference countPreference) Future<void>
Sets current user's count preference with countPreference.
setMyPushTriggerOption(GroupChannelPushTriggerOption option) Future<void>
Sets current user's push trigger option on this channel.
unfreeze() Future<void>
Unfreezes this channel.
unhideChannel() Future<void>
Unhides this channel