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SBDFileMessage Class Referencefinal

#include <SBDFileMessage.h>

Inheritance diagram for SBDFileMessage:

Public Member Functions

SBDUserGetSender ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SBDBaseMessage
bool IsOpenChannel ()
bool IsGroupChannel ()
std::vector< SBDMessageMetaArrayGetMetaArraysWithKeys (const std::vector< std::wstring > &metaarraykeys)

Public Attributes

SBDUser sender
std::wstring url
std::wstring name
uint64_t size
std::wstring type
std::wstring data
std::wstring request_id
std::wstring custom_type
std::vector< SBDThumbnailthumbnails
- Public Attributes inherited from SBDBaseMessage
SBDMessageType message_type
uint64_t message_id
std::wstring channel_url
int64_t created_at
int64_t updated_at
std::wstring channel_type
SBDMentionType mention_type
std::vector< SBDUsermentioned_users
std::vector< SBDMessageMetaArraymeta_arrays

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SBDBaseMessage
 SBDBaseMessage (const std::string &dict)

Detailed Description

The SBDFileMessage class represents the file message which is generated by a user via [SendFileMessage()]() in SBDBaseChannel or Platform API. This class doesn't include a binary data for the file. It is just a URL.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSender()

SBDUser & SBDFileMessage::GetSender ( )

Returns sender of the message.

Member Data Documentation

◆ custom_type

std::wstring SBDFileMessage::custom_type

Custom message type.

◆ data

std::wstring SBDFileMessage::data

The custom data for file.

◆ name

std::wstring SBDFileMessage::name

The name of file.

◆ request_id

std::wstring SBDFileMessage::request_id

Request ID for ACK.

◆ sender

SBDUser SBDFileMessage::sender

The message sender.

◆ size

uint64_t SBDFileMessage::size

The size of file.

◆ thumbnails

std::vector<SBDThumbnail> SBDFileMessage::thumbnails

Image thumbnails.

◆ type

std::wstring SBDFileMessage::type

The type of file.

◆ url

std::wstring SBDFileMessage::url

The file URL.