Sendbird Chat SDK for Unreal
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SBDUserMessageParams Class Referencefinal

#include <SBDUserMessageParams.h>

Public Member Functions

 SBDUserMessageParams ()
 ~SBDUserMessageParams ()
SBDUserMessageParamsSetMessage (std::wstring message)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetData (std::wstring data)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetCustomType (std::wstring custom_type)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetTargetLanguages (std::vector< std::wstring > &target_languages)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetMentionType (SBDMentionType mention_type)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetMentionedUserIds (std::vector< std::wstring > &mentioned_user_ids)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetPushNotificationDeliveryOption (SBDPushNotificationDeliveryOption pushnotification_delivery_option)
SBDUserMessageParamsSetMetaArrayKeys (std::vector< std::wstring > &metaarray_keys)

Detailed Description

The SBDUserMessageParams class is used to send a user message in SBDBaseChannel. This is a child class of SBDBaseMessageParams.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SBDUserMessageParams()

SBDUserMessageParams::SBDUserMessageParams ( )


◆ ~SBDUserMessageParams()

SBDUserMessageParams::~SBDUserMessageParams ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ SetCustomType()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetCustomType ( std::wstring  custom_type)

Customize message's type to filter. The default value is null.

◆ SetData()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetData ( std::wstring  data)

Message data. The default value is null.

◆ SetMentionedUserIds()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetMentionedUserIds ( std::vector< std::wstring > &  mentioned_user_ids)

Can mention to specific users. If sends a message with this field. the message will be arrived to mentioned users. The default value is null.

◆ SetMentionType()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetMentionType ( SBDMentionType  mention_type)

Set mention type.

◆ SetMessage()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetMessage ( std::wstring  message)

Message text.

◆ SetMetaArrayKeys()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetMetaArrayKeys ( std::vector< std::wstring > &  metaarray_keys)

Meta array keys.

◆ SetPushNotificationDeliveryOption()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetPushNotificationDeliveryOption ( SBDPushNotificationDeliveryOption  pushnotification_delivery_option)

Push option for message. If the option is default, push message will work with the receiver's push settings. If the option is suppress, push message will not be sent.

◆ SetTargetLanguages()

SBDUserMessageParams & SBDUserMessageParams::SetTargetLanguages ( std::vector< std::wstring > &  target_languages)

The target languages that the message will be translated into.