data class ApplicationUserListQueryParams @JvmOverloads constructor(var userIdsFilter: List<String>? = null, var nicknameStartsWithFilter: String? = null, var metaDataFilter: Pair<String, List<String>>? = null, var limit: Int = QUERY_DEFAULT_LIMIT)

Params for creating a ApplicationUserListQuery object.



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constructor(userIdsFilter: List<String>? = null, nicknameStartsWithFilter: String? = null, metaDataFilter: Pair<String, List<String>>? = null, limit: Int = QUERY_DEFAULT_LIMIT)


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var limit: Int

The maximum number of items per queried page.

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User meta data key/value filter. User list containing only and exactly the passed User meta data will be returned.

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A filter to return users whose nicknames start with the specified string.

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User IDs filter. User list containing the passed User IDs will be returned.