A suite of tools and resources designed for building and managing real-time chat experiences. It covers the necessities for developers to seamlessly integrate chat functionality into their application.

  • With our Chat SDK, developers have access to a wide range of functions for creating custom chat experiences to suit their business needs.
  • To streamline the development process, you can use the UIKit for Chat. This is a collection of pre-built UI components that developers can use to quickly implement user-friendly chat interfaces.
  • Additionally, our Platform API provides server-side control over your chat functionality. While the native SDKs handle many of the requests and responses on the client side, Platform API allows developers to manage and manipulate chat functionalities directly from their server.
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Launch generative AI chatbots in minutes

Platform API


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  • Channel types

  • Messaging

  • Translation

  • Moderation

  • Data and analytics

  • Integration

  • Security