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AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

Explore how you can easily implement an AI chatbot into your web and mobile apps.

AI Chatbot

AI chatbot for web and mobile apps

Sendbird's AI chatbot is designed to reshape how you interact with your customers. This integration allows for automated yet personalized responses that feel human-like, enhancing the quality of customer support and user engagement in your web and mobile apps. With easy implementation, you can include this intelligent assistant in your existing chat channels, where it can handle a variety of tasks including customer support, sales inquiries, and FAQs. Also, it helps streamline operation by providing quick and precise answers to customer queries, which either resolves the issues outright or makes the transition to human agents more efficient.

To get started, see our Platform API or Sendbird Dashboard overviews. Also, you can build your own custom AI chatbot with no code. For those who built chat features with Sendbird UIKit, see our documentation to learn how to enable AI chatbot in the client app for Android and iOS.

Moreover, by hosting the Llama 2 model on our platform, Sendbird offers one of the most versatile and adaptable AI models. This integration enhances our AI capabilities while also adhering to all of Sendbird's security and privacy measures. Note that Llama 2 is only available in the following region: Oregon, USA.

Available AI engines

Sendbird supports the following bot AI engines:

- OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo
- OpenAI GPT-4o
- Meta AI  Llama 3 70B
- Upstage Solar
- Anthropic Claude 3

Related products

Make the better use of our AI chatbot with the following products:
- Sendbird Support Chat: Support Chat enables the integration of Sendbird Chat and AI chatbot with Salesforce Service Cloud, enhancing both user experience and customer support efficiency. To learn more, see our documentation on how to integrate Sendbird AI chatbot.
- Sendbird Desk: After creating an AI chatbot in Chat, connect the bot to Desk for automated customer support and enhance agent productivity and customer experience.