Advanced Moderation Guide v1
Advanced Moderation Guide
Advanced Moderation Guide

Advanced Moderation

Explore how you can optimize chat moderation with advanced features to ensure safe, compliant, and inclusive online conversations in real-time.

Advanced Moderation

How it works

Sendbird's Advanced Moderation is a robust chat moderation tool that combines AI moderation and human insights to form a sophisticated, dual-system enhancing safety and compliance in online conversations. This system integrates chat auto-moderation features, such as the Rule Engine, and spaces for human intervention, like the Review Queue, employing automation and moderator-centric judgment. With the addition of Hive integration, this platform becomes even more effective in scanning and identifying problematic behaviors and threats. Accessible via the Sendbird Dashboard, the process includes evaluating risks and taking necessary actions to maintain community standards and protect users, promoting an efficient auto-moderation workflow and ensuring a safer communication environment.

Comprehensive Moderation: All Sendbird base tools plus new advanced features.
Custom Rule-Based Actions: Automated moderation based on violation count tracking.
Multi-Moderator Interface: Supports multiple moderators with quick action reporting, and actions.
Versatile Moderation Actions: Time-out muting, banning, across multiple channels.
Easy Access Logs: Detailed moderation history logs.
Moderation Queue: Moderators get to review reports and events before actions.
AI Detection: Integrated HiveAI for advanced text detection.

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