Advanced Moderation Guide v1
Advanced Moderation Guide
Advanced Moderation Guide
Version 1


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Sendbird's Advanced Moderation helps to ensure a safe environment for users through the latest moderation capabilities. Our automated moderation processes and easy-to-use tools on Sendbird Dashboard allow moderators to focus on more complex tasks and save costs for businesses.

Key features

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Our powerful array of moderation features listed below effectively protect users by automating tasks and optimizing workflows for moderators.



This feature automates moderation by executing predefined actions when certain conditions are met.

Event detection

Initiates the moderation process by automatically identifying events using tools like the profanity filter or Hive AI.

Review Queue

A platform where human moderators evaluate flagged content to determine appropriate moderation responses.

Review Queue settings

Configure potential actions for agents to execute within the review queue, streamlining the moderation response.

Ticket list

A comprehensive record of all issues directed to the Review Queue for moderation action.

Moderation Log

Documents all moderation activities across various channels, maintaining a transparent and accountable moderation process.

Moderated users

Compiles a list of users who have been restricted or silenced by the moderation system.

Roles and permissions

Allows the assignment of customized permissions to different roles within the organization, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Moderation flow

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The diagram above illustrates the moderation flow in Sendbird's Advanced Moderation. The process begins with event detection, followed by the execution of predefined rules and actions. The Review Queue serves as a platform for human moderators to evaluate flagged content and determine appropriate responses. The Moderation Log documents all moderation activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in the moderation process.