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Learn how to integrate Sendbird Chat, Calls and Desk across multiple OSs and platforms.
Our step-by-step guides will make the integration easy and quick.
Allows you to build an in-app chat with all the features that are essential for a modern messaging experience based on Sendbird's Chat Platform API.
Sample apps
Demonstrates core features of Chat SDK providing up-to-date messaging experiences.
Builds real-time voice and video calls with the Sendbird Calls Voice and Video API within your apps. Essential features such as cross-platform support and integrated user ID with Chat are available to provide greater engagement experience with your customers.
Sample apps
Demonstrates core features of Calls SDK providing quality in-app voice and video calls.
Provides in-app, live-chat support based on Sendbird Chat without interrupting any customers’ experience. A seamless ticket routing system and easy-to-use dashboard enables productive workflows, strengthening customer engagement.
Sample apps
Demonstrates core features of Desk that enhance customer engagement through in-app and in-context support.
Enables an easy and agile UI customization of your in-app chat while supporting most of the core Chat SDK features as well.
Sample apps
Demonstrates core features of UIKit built for an easy and fast integration and customization of chat service.
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