AI Chatbot Guide v1
AI Chatbot
Version 1

Bot logs

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Bot logs are an essential tool for monitoring and understanding the interactions between users and bots. They provide a detailed record of all the conversations that take place, allowing bot developers and customer service teams to troubleshoot issues, refine bot responses, and gain insights into user behavior.


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The use of bot logs provides a multitude of advantages for ensuring the effective operation and continuous improvement of bot interactions. Here are some key benefits that bot logs offer:

  • Track interactions: Bot logs offer a complete history of the exchanges between the bot and users, which is crucial for analyzing the bot's performance.
  • Error identification: Quickly identify and correct errors in the bot’s responses or functionality.
  • User feedback: Users can provide direct feedback on bot responses with "thumbs up" for helpful interactions and "thumbs down" for unhelpful ones. Comments can also be left for more detailed feedback, which aids in refining and improving the bot's communication.
  • Feedback Analysis: Aggregate user feedback to prioritize updates and identify areas where the bot needs improvement, ensuring that the bot is learning and evolving according to user needs and preferences.
  • User behavior insights: Understand how users interact with the bot, what questions they ask most, and where they need additional support.
  • Success and error metrics: Monitor the success or failure of bot responses to ensure that users are receiving responses without system errors or interruptions. This helps in maintaining a smooth interaction experience for the user.

How it works

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Log data

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Each entry in the bot logs contains several pieces of information.




The exact date and time when the interaction took place.



The name and user ID of the person who sent the message.


User message

The exact text that the user sent to the bot.


Bot response

The bot's reply to the user's message.



Indicates if any feedback was provided for the bot’s response, including a "thumbs up" for helpful responses, a "thumbs down" for unhelpful responses, and any additional comments.


Response method

Shows the specific or used by the bot to generate its response.


Bot ID

This identifier shows which specific bot was involved in the conversation, useful for systems where multiple bots are deployed.



Indicates whether the bot’s response was successfully delivered without any errors, marked as SUCCESS or ERROR, which helps in monitoring the bot’s operational performance.

Log filter

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You can filter what you see in the log to suit your needs, whether it be by date, AI bot, sender, etc. The following filters are located at the top of your bot logs.

Log sidebar

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The sidebar provides detailed information about a selected interaction from the logs. It serves as an in-depth look at a single exchange between a user and the bot. Additionally, you can directly view the chat history of where this interaction took place for context. Note that chat history is only accessible for interactions that occur within group channels and is not available for messages exchanged in the bot tester.

To learn more, see Sendbird's AI chatbot product page.