AI Chatbot Guide v1
AI Chatbot
Version 1

Release Notes

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📣 June 21, 2024 - Sendbird AI Chatbot Release Notes 🚀

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Knowledge center 📕

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  • We now support native integration to Notion and Salesforce Knowledge and can pull data directly from the platforms (Google Drive coming soon, pending OAuth approval from Google)
  • You can also see subpages that have been scraped for each URL with their content

Custom widget icon 🤖

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  • You can now customize your widget icon to match your own brand (see image)
  • This is a paid feature! (Starter / Pro)

Hiding widget to certain users

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  • If you want to hide your widget to certain users (ex: bad actor / spammer), you can deactivate their user in Sendbird Dashboard. Afterwards, widget won’t be visible
  • Note that user id expires after 30 days, so after 30 days, a bad actor can come back with a new ID
  • For now, this requires manually adding a prop (enableHideWidgetForDeactivatedUser: true) to code snippet

PATCH in Function calls

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  • We’ve added a new PATCH function to enable automatically calling human agents in Desk through Function Calls. This allows you to route to an agent during conversation with AI chatbots.

Jun 11, 2024 ✨

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Shopify plugin

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  • Introducing our new Shopify plugin 🤩
  • Our AI chatbot learns all about your store to provide personalized recommendations.
  • Efficiently answers FAQs and connects customers to support seamlessly.

May 30, 2024 ✨

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  • We now have a native plugin for Zapier
  • Using Zapier, you can connect Sendbird AI chatbot to 6,000 different applications instantly
  • Stay tuned for more triggers and actions

May 27, 2024 ✨

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Bot Studio

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  • You can now test prompts & chatbot settings interactively without having to move pages back and forth.
  • The updated setting also only applies to testing will not impact the deployed chatbot until saved
  • We now support 3 new features as well
    • Prompt history 👉 Remember history of your tested and saved prompts
    • Duplicate 👉 Clone your chatbot setting in 1 click
    • Feedback 👉 Let your users rate each response
  • We now support OpenAI’s latest and best model GPT4o at a 90% reduced price of 1 message credit
  • GPT4o = 1 Bot message = 1 message credit
  • Clients who have set up previous GPT4 models will still be able to use the existing ones

Mobile onboarding

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  • We now support mobile-optimized onboarding flow so that anyone can easily create their first AI chatbot


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1 message per user

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  • Users can now enter only 1 message before the chatbot has responded, effectively streamlining conversations similar to industry standard