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Communication APIs for the entire customer journey

Supercharge customer engagement in and outside of your app, with APIs and software for live chat, video, AI chatbots, and omnichannel business messaging.

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Grow with Sendbird, the #1 communications API platform

Business and engineering leaders choose Sendbird for enterprise-level scale, security, and compliance. Our reliable, global infrastructure gives you peace of mind to focus on product and customer experience.

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6 Billion+

End users

7 Billion+

Monthly messages


Global developers

Top-tier communication APIs for crafting custom experiences

Choose Sendbird’s award-winning products to enjoy higher message deliverability, open, and conversion rates.
Intuitive APIs, sample apps, tutorials, and free trials make it easy to get started.

1 One way messages

Business Messaging

Send one-way, omnichannel messages to your customers. 
Save money with critical messages sequenced by channel (including SMS and messaging apps). Make money with beautiful messages that persist in your app.

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2 Two way communications

Chat, Voice, Video

Enable two-way, group conversations among your users.
Significantly improve your user engagement and retention rate with in-app chat, voice, and video capabilities.

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3 Autonomous conversations

AI chatbot

Power autonomous conversations with artificial intelligence.
Deploy a custom AI chatbot trained on your data and processes. Watch productivity and customer satisfaction scores soar.

Sendbird AI Chatbot

APIs, SDKs, and UI Kits developers love

Sendbird's APIs for chat, voice, video, AI chatbots, SMS, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, and in-app notifications are highly-abstracted and available through SDKs and UI Kits that save developers' time and headaches. We take care of a ton of operational complexity under the hood, so you can power rich communication experiences without worrying about building features, edge cases, reliability, or scale. Plus we offer easy-to-use software interfaces for other teams to take advantage of your integrations.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • Flutter
  • Platform API
            import UIKit
import SendbirdChatSDK

let initParams = InitParams(applicationId: "APP_ID", isLocalCachingEnabled: true)

SendbirdChat.initialize(params: initParams, migrationStartHandler: {},
	completionHandler: { error in
		FeedChannel.getChannel(url: "FEED_CHANNEL_URL") { channel, error in	
			self.collection = 
SendbirdChat.createNotificationCollection(channel: channel, startingPoint: 
Int64.max, params: params, delegate: self)

Discover how businesses thrive using Sendbird's all-in-one communications API platform

Digital leaders customize a differentiated, modern messaging experience with Sendbird. Explore the variety of ways by industry, team, and use case.

A complete ecosystem to implement communication successfully

Sendbird offers multiple ways for you to get professional services and support, to maximize your success.

Customer success

Get personalized care, from onboarding through renewal.

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Technical services

Get even more value out of your investment via solutions engineers.

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