Messaging SDK and Chat API for Mobile Apps and Websites

Enable in-app messaging for your mobile apps and websites using SendBird messaging SDK and chat API.

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We support multiple platforms

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

The whole package from the front-end UI to the back-end, we offer the simplest messaging solution for your app

Core Features
  • 1-on-1 Messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Open Channels
Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Advanced Chat Features at Your Disposal

  • Scalability for Massive Audience

    Host over 100,000 concurrent viewers per live video stream for maximum engagement

  • Bot Interface

    Integrate your bots to assist with customer support and product recommendations

  • Moderation Tools

    Proactively monitor and moderate the chat rooms using moderation tools

  • Structured Messages

    Display customized rich content such as product information and coupons

  • Read Receipts

    Track the read status of the messages sent to other users

  • Smart Throttling

    Help the audience follow the conversations by throttling the speed of messages displayed on the screens


Powering Live Videos and Events

Host live chat channels for your content that can scale up to over hundred thousand concurrent participants


In-App Messaging in
Just 5 Minutes!

Get the whole package from the front-end UI to the backend. SendBird is the simplest messaging API for your app

4 Steps to In-app messaging4 Steps to In-app messaging
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