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White-label chat solution for your app

White-label chat solution for your app

A complete chat platform for your mobile apps and
websites: Chat and Messaging SDKs and API, and a fully managed chat infrastructure.

Drive immediate business impact with in app messaging

SendBird's powerful and flexible chat API enables companies to launch chat and messaging with minimum effort and maximum effect.

Total Cost of Ownership


In-house vs SendBird by #No.1 bank in Korea



Num. of interactions of eSports show of the largest Gaming company in Japan



Sales conversion ratio of avg mobile commerce vs TMON

Chat solutions for every industry

  • Marketplace

  • On-demand

  • Online community

  • Healthcare

  • Gaming

  • Live streaming

Drive more transactions with buyer to
seller messaging

Real-time messaging connects your marketplace's buyers, sellers, and service providers, so you can inform and engage users to convert on more transactions more frequently. SendBird builds trust and convenience by empowering your marketplace to communicate and network - enabling better liquidity at scale.

Messaging Solutions for the On-demand Economy

A perfect on-demand experience is seamless. When logistics don't go perfectly, SendBird offers your users, supply-chain and customer support the ability to communicate on-demand. Drive great booking and delivery experiences by connecting every side of your on-demand marketplace with in-app messaging, so you can reduce cancelled bookings and unlock user life-time value.

Chat Solutions for Online Communities

Empower users to connect and react to events as they happen with community chat - so they're more engaged longer. Since SendBird is the only chat built for online communities, you'll be able to retain and add more value to your community, while you protect it from bad actors with robust chat moderation.

Better care reaches patients wherever and whenever they need

Innovative healthcare organizations use in-app messaging to reach patients anytime and anywhere, so they can achieve better patient outcomes. Grow your healthcare organization by improving patient access with in-app messaging. Give your patients the convenience to reach care on-demand from anywhere.

Chat Solution for Gaming

Cultivate social gamer's lifetime-value and increase acquisition for new titles with the standard for cross-platform, in-app chat and messaging. Ever wonder what your gamers say in Discord? Now you can own the conversation to drive more value to your users.

Chat Solutions for
Internet Video Platforms

Build interactive content experiences with chat and live-streaming so your audience can celebrate and mourn together, cheer and hiss, emote and laugh at every moment of your content. With live-streaming and chat you can open a new channel to your audience and build a virtual theater or stadium for audiences to share the moment.

Designed for developers

SendBird's chat and messaging SDKs and Platform API allow developers to customize and build meaningful chat experiences for applications without reinventing the wheel. Our unmatched scalability and flexibility means you can build a world-class conversational product, customized to your app with minimum distraction.

  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • JavaScript SDK
  • .NET SDK
  • Unity SDK
  • Platform API

Powering chat for the most innovative companies in the world

Tens of thousands developers in 150 countries and over 10,000 applications use SendBird to activate their user engagement, retention, conversion, and communication.

“We were looking for a chat service that offers an experience as rich as WhatsApp and also works great for customer support. By using SendBird with other SaaS solutions, we get to choose the best software and have the best plug & play system.”
Product Executive

Enterprise-ready compliance and security

  • SOC 2

  • ISO27001

  • GDPR

  • EU/US Privacy Shield