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Push notification software for app engagement

Enhance user engagement with a simple push notification software and API tailored for business teams and developers, as part of a sophisticated omnichannel business messaging solution

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Expand your omnichannel capabilities with a push notification software

Real-time alerts

Instantly capture user attention and keep your audience engaged with timely and relevant push notifications.

Personalized messages

Send customized content directly to your users' mobile devices, boosting personal connection and loyalty.

Enhanced retention

Keep users coming back with strategic push notifications that encourage regular app usage and sustained interaction.

Scale mobile push notifications with our omnichannel API

Business messaging push notifications Business messaging push notifications

Send push notifications from an intuitive software

Allow any team to create tailored push notifications from our user-friendly dashboard.

Campaign template builder: Craft impactful push notification campaigns using our intuitive software.

Channel sequencing: Programmatically time and sequence push notifications alongside message center, WhatsApp, and SMS notifications.

Analytics: Analyze performance via Channel Analytics, Campaign Reports, and User-level Insights.

Business messaging push notifications Business messaging push notifications

Add push notifications to your communication strategy with our omnichannel API

Elevate mobile communications through a single messaging API seamlessly integrating push notifications and other mobile channels.

Minimal coding required: Integrate push notifications with just a few lines of code, saving time and effort.

Comprehensive documentation: Access step-by-step push notification guides in our detailed documentation.

Secure push notifications Secure push notifications

Secure, compliant push notifications 

Protect your business communications with our secure, compliant push notification software & API platform.

Data protection: Protect your customer data with secure storage, encryption, and minimizing data collection.

Regulatory compliance: Navigate GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations with our compliance-ready platform.

Send critical alerts across the entire customer journey


Alert users about your app's new features, special offers, and exclusive trials.


Send order status, service arrivals, payment reminders, and more.


Drive action with an alert for incomplete app profiles or abandoned carts, nudging users to return.


Notify users when their name is mentioned, or they receive direct messages in your app.

Add push notifications to your stack in minutes

Integrate push notifications into your system workflows quickly with a developer-friendly push notification API.

  • Platform API
            import requests

# Configuration
url = "YOUR_BASE_URL/v2/notifications"
headers = {
    "Api-Token": "YOUR_API_TOKEN",
    "Content-Type": "application/json"
payload = {
    "template": {
        "key": "push_template",
        "variables": {
            "user-1": {"first_name": "Chase", "datetime": "2024/03/18", "appointment_number": "388031"}
    "targets": ["user-1"],
    "mode": "realtime"

# POST request
response =, json=payload, headers=headers)


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